Island Earth: Summer 2016

In collaboration with Emmy Award winning Filmmaker Cyrus Sutton, Island Earth is a personal journey into the highly controversial arena of genetically modified agriculture. Formally educated in biotech, bioengineering and chemistry, Cliff's role in the film invites audiences into the rarely seen world of a Native Hawaiian scientist struggling to navigate through a rapidly changing Hawai‘i. Full length documentary scheduled to release Summer/Fall 2016 through various distribution outlets including select 2016/2017 international film festivals.


Anywherebut.Here : Summer/Fall 2016

Collaborating with Hawai‘i based fashion/lifestyle blogger Tara Binek, we are creating an online story-sharing platform that looks to provide quality content to the outdoor/adventure audience while remaining sensitive to environmental exploitation across social media.

Surf Wasted: Fall 2016

Working closely with Raynor Surfboards, Pureglass surfboard manufacturing and supplies, Entropy Resin, Purelink materials, Marko Foam, Arctic Foam, Biomid Fiber and Algenesis materials, this seemingly light-hearted short documentary looks to shed light on the largely misunderstood availability for alternative materials when creating "low-waste" surfboards. This 17 minute film is live now on and being submitted to various online outlets and select 2016/2017 film festivals.  

Virtual Reality Films on Coral reefs: 2016/2017

Working with expert coral biologist Dr. John Burns, we are creating virtual reality expeditions of coral reefs in the Northwestern Hawaiian islands as well as corals on the eastern shores of Hawai‘i Island. The project is in the post-production phase. Scheduled to be release via the Hawai‘i Institute for Marine Biology late 2016 early 2017.

Surfer Biome Project: 2016/2017

What mystery weaves surfers, doctors, farmers and environmentalists together down an unbeaten path in the name of human health? Join surfer/scientist Cliff Kapono as he sets out on the journey of a lifetime, from the hillsides of Ireland to the coast of Chile, to discover the science behind something we all know to be true: nature [the oceans] makes us better. The Surfer Biome Project is a part of the American Gut Project. Supported by the University of California San Diego Global Health Institute in collaboration with the European Center for Environment and Human Health. I am the creator, lead researcher, and content creator for the project. This project is set to begin Fall 2016 and complete Summer 2017.

Hydration Reincarnation Campaign: 2017

Whether it is a discussion of degradability, renewability, or recyclability, waste is rapidly becoming one of the greatest dilemma on our planet. Working with the world's first carbon neutral water company Waiakea Springs, industry PET recycling leader Unifi/Repreve, and a willing recycled fiber clothing manufacturer, I am creating a short 3-5 minute promotional piece that documents the journey of a previously recycled Hawaiian water bottle being recycled again into clothing.  The piece will speak to idea that in many cases, the same plastic can be reincarnated many times.