1. The Surfer Biome Project

The surfer biome project is a scientific exploration set out to discovery just how connected we humans are to the natural world. Since Fall 2016, I have been traveling the world including England, Ireland, Morocco, California and Hawaii to examine the molecular composition of surfer. Gaining international recognition, this project looks at the chemicals and bacteria found on surfers and hopes to address issues around environmental conservation, food security and public health. I have completed the project and am writing up the results to share in a scientific peer reviewed journal.

2. Eco Wave of the Winter 2018-2019

After the release of my short documentary "Surf Wasted" and the completion of the Protest contest, I have been working to discover innovative ways to implementing environmentally conscious materials into surfing. We are now in the second year and have opened the contest up to anyone who wants to compete. To learn more click here

3. Ocean Conservation

Partnering with several agencies including Save the Waves Coalition and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, I will be looking to share stories of environmental conservation and community stewardship.