2019: Honored to author an article and be featured in Vol. 60 issue 4 of Surfer Magazine

2019: Stoked to be a part of the Backcountry Stoke Series in Park City, Utah

2019: Honored to be featured in the University of San Diego’s Look Deeper Campaign

2019: Mahalo Go Hawaii for recognizing me as a Hawaii Island Ambassador

2019: Honored to be included in the 2019 Parley Ocean Uprise on the North Shore of Oahu

2019: Honored to be recognized as an Island Ambassador by The Maui News

2019: Honored to be a part of the Cigarette Surfboard film

2019: Stoked to be a World Surf League PURE ambassador and work with incredible orgs like Save the Waves Coalition

2019: Honored to be a featured speaker at the 2019 International SACNAS conference

2019: Always a pleasure to be interviewed by Surfline

2019: Honored to be featured on the I QUIT PLASTICS podcast

2019: Thank you Flux Magazine for allowing me to be a part of the imagery and write

2019: Thank you Flux Magazine online for creating a short film about my night surfing addiction

2019: Honored to be in the latest visit Hawaii national commercial

2019: Very honored to share science in the latest issue of scholastics Super Science Magazine

2019: Mahalo FreeSurf Magazine for sharing some of my perspectives on Mauna Kea online and in the print issue

2019: Mahalo Surfer Magazine Online for sharing some of my perspectives on Mauna Kea

2019: Mahalo to The Inertia for sharing some of the surfing from Episode 3 of Cliff Notes

2019: Mahalo to The Inertia for sharing some of my perspectives about Mauna Kea

2019: Mahalo to The Inertia for sharing Episode 2 of Cliff Notes

2019: Mahalo to The Inertia for sharing Episode 1 of Cliff Notes

2019: Mahalo Surfer Magazine Online for sharing Episode 1 of Cliff Notes

2019: Always a great time sharing laughs on the Kyle Theirmann Show

2019: Very honored to be awarded the 2019 Shift Adventure Athlete award

2019: Mahalo Surfer Magazine Online for sharing our journey of traditional wave sliding.

2019: Very Honored to be profiled in Surfer Magazine

2019: Thank you FreeSurf Magazine for sharing some positive messages about Earth Day.

2019: Stoked to be featured on Motions Magazine’s website

2019: Excited to be supported by The Mega Lab at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo

2019: It was a pleasure to be featured in The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority newest season of “Rooted”

2019: Happy to work with Beautiful Destinations and Brand USA on what it is like to live in Hilo

2019: Very honored to have my research highlighted in University of California San Diego’s admissions campaign

2019: Always stoked to be included on a Surfline feature even more so when it’s around environmental topics

2019: Excited to share the thrills and spills of big wave surfing on the Inertia’s website

2019: Mahalo Stab Magazine for sharing “From Now”

2019: Mahalo Motions Magazine online for sharing “From Now”

2019: Happy to be featured on Surfer Magazine’s website in “From Now”

2019: Stoked to be included in Surfline’s latest article about the dilemmas of surf travel

2018: Very honored to be awarded the 2018 Surfrider John Kelly award

2018: Glad to be included in Stab Magazine’s latest environmental article.

2018: Honored to speak at at the Save the Wave’s SURF + TECH + THE ENVIRONMENT Conference at the Surf Ranch

2018: Happy to be featured in a Stab Magazine article about disappearing surf zones and science

2018: Beyond honored to be featured in the latest issue of The Surfers Journal.

2018: Thank you MagicSeaweed for sharing my story of surviving a horrific wipeout.

2018: Happy to be alive after a overseas accident and happier to have Surfer Magazine share the story.

2018: Thank you to the Surf Splendor Podcast for having me on the show

2018: Extremely honored to have been able to write for the San Diego Union Tribune as a AAAS Mass media fellow.

2018: Happy to be featured in Surfer Magazine’s Island Pride Episode 1

2018: Very honored to be among such amazing people and selected as a Save The Waves Coalition ambassador

2018: Stoked to be able to share some traditional knowledge with the great folks at Olukai Premium Footwear in the latest episode of “Walk Stories”

2018: Honored to be named a 2018 change maker for the University of California San Diego

2018: Honored to be featured alongside activist Phil McCabe and pro-surfer Hank Gaskell in the latest issue of Surfer magazine.

2018: Sometimes life can be like a wave and hold you down, happy to be included in this short film (01:11) from Surfer Mag

2018: Extremely honored to be awarded the Save the Waves, "Life's A Wave," athlete of the year award.

2018: Very proud to have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii's Kahi Pacarro and completed the first Protest: ecoboard contest. Happy to also have some eco-surfing showcased on Surfer Magazine's site

2018: Happy to be a part of the 2018 stab magazine and Vissla surf's summer board short collection

2018: Glad to sit down with Offshore Insights for their newest podcast.

2018: Check out Surfer Magazine coverage on a recent trip to Northern California with the Vissla team.

2018: Recent article just published in Scientific Reports about the next generation of molecular forensics.

2018: Very honored to attend the 5th Global Wave Conference in Santa Cruz, California. Thank you for the write up and coverage KION News, Santa Cruz Waves,  The Inertia, Surfrider Foundation and Surfline.

2018: Happy to be included on Surfer Magazine's online feature of California surfing

2018: Honored to be included in Surfer Magazine's recent online coverage of Pe‘ahi (Jaws)

2018: Thank you Surfline for including me in the recent Pe‘ahi (Jaws) feature

2017: I don’t know what this means, but happy to be featured in Cosmopolitan Italy

2017: Honored to have my research featured in The Orange County Register

2017: Very stoked to be the 50th guest on  Wild Ideas Worth Living

2017: Honored to be featured in Surfer Magazine

2017: Honored to be partnering with Surfer Magazine on the Protest Ecoboard Challenge

2017: Excited to be speaking about my research on the Surfer Biome Project at the 2017 UCSD Founder's Symposium

2017: Mahalo Hawaii Public Radio for sharing the Protest Ecoboard Challenge

2017: Always honored to be included in Freesurf Magazine, this time showing the Protest Ecoboard Challenge

2017: Mahalo nui Manifold Magazine for the summer issue feature

2017: Honored to be speaking about the Surfer Biome Project at the UCSD campaign regional celebration at San Francisco's Exploratorium 

2017: A huge honor to be featured in Freesurf Magazine. Mahalo Tony Heff and Cash Lambert for the kind words.

2017: Stoked to be a part of the latest Flux Magazine's article "Curb your Exposure."

2017: It was really fun to be featured on NPR's "Live from the Poundstone Institute."

2017: Really stoke to have created a fun public service announcement with creative Nash Howe about reducing plastic use. Glad to see it make it to the Charleston nightly news and honored to have it streaming on several broadcast stations on the East Coast.

2017: Excited to have my documentary Surf Wasted streaming online at Reelhouse TV

2017: Honored to get the front page of the La Jolla Light news

2017: A huge thank you to Olukai for allowing me to contribute a recent journal about Hawaiian surfing on the site.

2017: Very happy to sit down with Dirtbag Darling to share about what it means to be a Defender of Fun

2017: Stoked to have been a tester of the SmartFin Technology here in San Diego. Check out a PBS piece on the technology.

2017: Really cool to represent Hawaii through the Surfer Biome Project in the Honolulu Advertiser

2017: Surfer Biome on Open Water Swimming 

2017: Stoked to have a shout out on Microbiome Daily

2017: Fun shout out at the end of the Tech and You segment on News X

2017: Thank you Stab magazine for the love of Surfer Biome

2017: The video done by Reuters TV was featured on The Weather Network. Amazing.

2017: Stoked to make the front page of La Jolla Light this morning

2017: Surfer Biome projects hits broadcast television on Reuters TV

2017: Honored to be a part of the Island Earth Film and the huge mahalo to Huck Magazine for talking about it.

2017: Stoked to make it in the Fresno Bee about the surfer biome project

2017: Mahalo for spreading the news Board Rap

2017: Grazie Liguria Nautica News

2017: Great talking with A Martinez on Take Two KPCC 88.3 about surfer biome project

2017: Surfer biome in the Tribune San Louis Obispo

2017: SurferBiomes shout outs in Science Magazine

2017: SurferBiome and the Houston Chronicle

2017: Tweeted by New York times sports..."I may ask to swab you"

2017: Really cool to see my work getting seen in Haaretz Israeli News

2017: A huge honor to be featured in Hawaii Business Magazine

2017: Mahalo Parley.tv for sharing what being an active environmentalist means to me

2017: Really cool to have been on the NBC nightly news here in sunny San Diego

2017: Thank you University of Texas San Antonio for having me on the Microtalks Show

2017: Stoked to have the surferbiome project mentioned in GenomeWeb

2017: Humbled to be featured in the New York Times and talk about the surferbiome project

2017: Huge mahalo to The Inertia for sharing Back to the Bonzer 2 on their site

2017: So stoked that Surf Wasted has been officially selected at the 2017 Kona Surf Film festival, The 2017 Colorado Environmental Film Festival, and the 2017 Aotearoa Surf film festiva, The 2017 Pacific Short Film Festival, Won an award at the 2017 Mountain Film festival, 2017 Earth Day Film festival and the 2017 Oakland International Film Festival.

2017: Island Earth has officially made its way to the film festival circuit with official selections at Hawaii International Film festival, Santa Barbara Film festival, Wild and Scenic Film festival and more. A huge honor to be a part of this film.

2016: Mahalo Teton Gravity Research for showcasing Surf Wasted on the site

2016: Cool shout out in the Guardian

2016: Stoked to be able to contribute Surf Wasted on The Inertia

2016: Mahalo Surfing Magazine for sharing Surf Wasted on the site

2016: Honored to have the surfer biome project on NPR's KPBS show 

2016: Surf Wasted just dropped on the Surfer Magazine website

2016: Surfer biome project featured in San Diego Reader

2016: Stoked to make it on the website of Phys.org one of the world's leaders in web-based science, research and technology news service.

2016: Tritonmag just put up Erika Johnson's article on the UCSD alumni site. Mahalo nui.

2016: Mahalo to Dylan Heyden and the Inertia for you support!

2016: Humbled by UCSD's Erika Johnson and her amazing article that was headlined on the University of California webpage.

2016: Super stoked that Surfing Magazine is behind my Surfer Biome Project

2016: Check out the Surf Wasted trailer on StackingClips . Full documentary coming soon.

2016: It is a huge honor to have our team's concept be a finalist in the 2016 Biomimicry Open Challenge. The theme of this year's international competition looks to find alternative solutions to feeding our growing population. We designed a portable self-operating system that looks to bring nutrients to at-risk and neglected communities. We are now in the running for the 100k dollar grand prize. Check out more at the Biomimicry Institute.

2016: Incredibly honored to have my short film "The Road Home" selected for the 2016 Patagonia Surf Film festival in Santa Monica. 

2016: Really stoked to have an opening wave (1:13) in Bryce Lowe-White's and Surfer Magazine's El Nino's Wake Documentary. Check it out at Surfer Mag.

2016: Excited to begin writing more scientific papers and contribute my findings to the world. Check out past publications here.

2016: Not everyone has the ability to enjoy our oceans in person, but we all depend on it for life. Whether you eat fish, ice cream, peanut butter, use toothpaste, or breath...you need the ocean. So stoked to be selected as a finalist for the 180 Ocean Challenge using new technologies in virtual reality. Big shout out to John Burns and Christian Kapono for keeping the moral high during the entire process! Check out the video on google cardboard, ipad, phone or computer and make sure to look around! 

2016: So stoked to be apart of the UCSD international Forum on Environmental Research. This forum is open to students and the public. Please look for upcoming events where we share our perspectives and invite audiences to join in on thinking about the health of our planet. Check out more at Scripps.ucsd.edu

2016: It is always amazing to spend time on the ocean. Being a part of the Polynesian Voyaging Society for over 10 years now has been a journey in humility to say the least. Although many people are known for sailing on Hokule‘a, there is a whole other crew behind the scenes that make sure everyone on the vessel is safe. Big thanks to Captain Moani Hemuli and the rest of the gang for letting me help out this inter-island leg. Check out Polynesian Voyaging Society to learn more about the Hokule‘a World wide voyage.

2016: Mikey O'shaugnessy's family has been close to mine since we were little kids. Beyond stoked that he just won wave of the winter 2016 and super honored to be given the privilege of putting together a winter edit for him. Check out an article I wrote on theinertia.com or watch the clip on stackingclips.com

2016: Stoked to have Watu apart of the 2016 Honolulu Surf Film Festival. Check out more here.

2015: It is a huge honor to be names a Program of Interdisciplinary Environmental Research 2015/2016 Fellow. This award will allow me to continue my research on coral reef molecular profiling.

2015: The building of a Thirty-Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea has gotten a lot of people in my home island upset. Read more to see how many of us are uneasy with the process and trying to bring awareness through social media.

2015: It is always fun to try new boards. Check out an article I wrote for The Inertia or just check out the clip on Stacking.com

2015: The great folks at Save the Waves have always supported my pursuits for environmental protection. It is a huge honor to have a film that Jensen Young-Sik and I put together for Surfer Mag and Red Cameras in this years STW Film festival Tour. Check out an article I wrote for the on The Inertia or check out the film on Surfer Mag

2015: Had the incredible opportunity to work with Waiakea Springs and Jensen Young-Sik on creating a piece about water use in Hawai‘i. Check out the short film here.

2015: Why I surf with Waiakea Water

2015: Live Aloha with the Waiakea Ambassador Program

2015: So stoked that my short film ‘Ike has been selected for several film festivals including the 2015 Pasifika International film festival as well as the 2015 First Nations Film festival.

2015: Honored to be awarded a "rapid oceanography conservation" grant for the production of my short film ‘Ike by the Waitt Foundation.

2015: Beyond excited to share that our Kickstarter campaign has reached in excess of its initial goal. Thank you so much everyone. I can't wait to share it with the world.

2015: So stoked to have the opportunity to shoot pro surfer, scientist, apprentice navigator, and good friend Haunani Kane for an upcoming article in Freesurf Magazine.

2015: Really stoked to share Hawaii with friends from abroad. Check out an article on The Inertia.

2014: The 2014 National Geographic Expedition Granted Finals was nothing short of amazing. Although we got 3rd place, we felt we won the hearts of many. Look for more data coming soon. So honored to have Surfer Magazine, Korduroy TV, Surfline, The Inertia, Huffington Post and more spread the word.

2014: Stoked to have Adapting featured on  Stacking Clips

2013: Honored to be give the 2013 UCSD graduate outreach and diversity award

2012: Really excited to share an Indigenous Science site I created with Haunani Kane, James Akau, Malia Heimuli, and Roman Teanio to share a different side of science. Check out more at Tomorrow Ancestor

2011: Two Weeks before the 2011 Japan Tsunami an earthquake hit New Zealand. Our crew voyaged down to office aid. See more at here.

2011: Really stoked to have the opportunity to work with NOVA on creating a piece that talked about my research on Cone Snail Venom.

2011: It was really great to work with Pohaku Stone, Pake Ah Mow, Haunani Kane and Jon Clay on the set of BBC's Human Planet.

2011: Giving life to new boards from old. Old-school surfboard recycling with Robert Patterson. Check out an interview I did for Grind TV about the experience.